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An Undeniable Wardrobe Staple: The Leather Jacket

One of the most versatile essentials for your capsule collection is the leather jacket. It will transition through all seasons of weather and life with you while adding an edgy & chic vibe to any ensemble. 

The leather jacket might be the perfect balance of energy. It exudes a raw strength yet can be styled back to the most delicate lace or satin dress with uncomplicated ease. 

It has become a year-round staple that seamlessly layers under vests, dress jackets, and can be the perfect finishing touch to your summer dress. Genuine leather gets better with age; but, there are also many incredible faux or vegan options available to us as well. The leather jacket is undoubtedly my top choice for a spring transitional jacket that will keep you warm in the morning yet not uncomfortably warm from the midday sun. 

Personal style will come into play when choosing the perfect leather jacket for you. From an oversized fit or a more modern silhouette to one with long lines and unpadded shoulders; or how about softer fitting fabric to hug your frame resulting in a more body-conscious fit. Consider your capsule collection (read more on that here) and decide which style serves you and your basics best. Personally, I prefer to keep my leather silhouette to a classic moto, biker, or bomber style; but I encourage you to find the option that most resonates with your life and personal style. 

Below is a round up of twenty fabulous leather jackets with prices ranging from $50.00 – $1500.00. Happy Shopping, friend!



Abercrombie & Fitch

Banana Republic, GAP

All Saints




Oak + Fort

Anine Bing

Remember, it’s never about the label. It’s the vibe you bring to the clothes that make them fabulous and you can’t put a price on that. Unapologetically wear the clothes that feel good for your soul and have fun styling your incredible body. Show yourself some love, you’re worth it.

Please don’t forget to tag me on Instagram in your leather jacket; I love to see you shine.

It’s all energy.

Published: March 3, 2023

Kylee Jacobsen-Nadji
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