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Fashion Fundamentals

Truth be told, it would be well into my thirties before I really figured out what style is for me. I now realize it will be something that will evolve with me as I move through the seasons of life.  Fashion and self-worth are incredibly intertwined and it’s paramount that we take the time to identify who we are at our core and through that comes the magic of personal style; and more importantly, grace. 

We live in a world where it has become too easy yet somehow acceptable for someone to critique another soul’s appearance and personal style. How is this OK? Minimizing, speaking negatively, making fun of, belittling, bashing, ridiculing, critiquing the way another person dresses doesn’t wear well on anyone. If something isn’t your vibe, no problem; but, does that make it wrong for somebody else? Before you consider critiquing the way someone is dressing, perhaps examine what’s driving your desire to put that energy into the world. 

The negativity and judgement in the world can feel toxic and unsettling. So much so, that it paralyzes most people from wanting to put in any sort of effort at all. Telling someone they look outdated or missed the mark when that could have been the day that they finally found the courage to wear something out of their comfort zone or true to their soul will never settle well with me. This is not what I am teaching my daughters and it will never be language we use here. 

In our home we love fashion; but even more so, we love style. We embrace who we are and we encourage one another to do the same. Our children become our greatest mirrors but they are also incredible teachers. Through conversation with my eldest daughter, we developed our own list of fashion fundamentals. They are beloved principles to the both of us and will be the undertone to everything shared here. It is my hope these fashion principles become beloved to you as well. 

10. Do NOT care what other people think! You have no control over another person’s perception of you. You do have control over how you choose to feel and the energy you put out in the world. When you get dressed in the morning, wear the clothes for you. Don’t wear them for the status, the crush, the friend, the critique, or because you’ve been told by someone that it’s what you’re supposed to be wearing. Wear it because it makes you feel good. Wear it because you stand a little taller and feel more confident. Wear it because it feels like YOU.

9. Choose what you love. Do you love bright colours and whimsical prints? Do you love neutral tones with a minimalist vibe? Do you love all the trends? When we wear what inspires us we become the energy of that love. The world will feel your intention and love your style because it comes with the energy of happiness, self-love, and confidence. Energy is a language we all know and understand. What does yours say? 

8. Wear what makes you happy! Happiness absolutely starts within, but on days when life can feel tricky, wearing something that brings you joy can somehow be one thing that goes right.

7. Don’t get caught up in the trends. Stop trying to be someone else’s version of beautiful. Our personal style will evolve with our lives. Trends will continue to come and go and should not weigh heavy on your mind or closet. Every item is a trend if we get down to it; but, if you’re investing in items that make your heart smile and your confidence shine, you’ve nailed it. True style is not one trend fits all. Fill your closet with items that you’re truly excited to put on. With time, you will become less attached to the clothing and more aligned with yourself- ahhhhh, there’s the magic!

6. Be comfortable. Am I guilty of wearing something so uncomfortable I could cry (designer pumps), yes! – and I have never worn them again, YES!!! True style is not only effortless and eye pleasing, it’s comfortable because it’s a reflection of who you are. 99.99% of people aren’t walking runways or posing for editorial shoots. Take inspiration from their madness while ensuring your own personal style and comfort takes the lead. 

5. Don’t worry about size. In the same way a fitness instructor always seems to lose count during reps, fashion houses seem to use different measuring tapes when establishing their sizing. Some of my favourite labels are wildly inconsistent. So let’s forget the idea that anything is true to size and buy whatever item fits you the best regardless of what sizing is on the tag. We own our power; why give it away to a label?

4. Confidence is key, believe in yourself! Chin up, shoulders back, stand tall; you’ve got this! Live with fearless passion while wearing the clothing that becomes an extension of that. The most important person to ever believe in yourself is you and until you’ve fully realized this, I’ve got you. 

3. Express yourself, it’s all energy! Our clothes very quickly become an extension of who we are. So wear something you love and let your energy tell the world what you have to say. Never let the world tell you how you’re going to say it -or wear it. Be inspired but always be you. 

2. Have Fun! Getting dressed should be fun! If you’re not having fun, you might be doing it with antiquated ways of approaching it. Stick with me, friend; we’ll get you there. 

1. BE YOURSELF. It can be easy to tell who has been styled and who has style. Good news, we all have style – it’s just that most of us are afraid to wear the clothes we love for fear that it won’t be accepted or understood. May you feel inspired, encouraged, and safe enough to be seen as you are without judgement or fear. May you shine bright honouring your truth while holding space and inspiring others to do the same. May you always be yourself.

I love when you love yourself. So does the world. 

It’s all energy. 

Friend, let’s get dressed. 

Published: January 16, 2023

Kylee Jacobsen-Nadji
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