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Personal Style Part III: Capsule Wardrobe 101

Money can’t buy style. An abundance of clothing with all the top designer labels will not translate into personal style if your authentic vibe isn’t the driving force. Rather, it will read the opposite. Become clear about what you want your wardrobe to say about you. Let’s curate a closet that is inspiring and a reflection of who you are. Let’s create a capsule collection that is all about you, for you. Wear that feels true to you not what society tells you is right for you. 

So, what is a capsule wardrobe? 

Consider your capsule wardrobe a collection of thoughtfully curated pieces that become the basis of your closet. Dressing from a capsule collection allows for effortless styling that will leave you feeling like your most confident self. You will find that these items are essential to your wardrobe and become the basis of your day-to-day personal style. 

Your capsule collection will be a selection of interchangeable pieces that effortlessly compliment one another in a style that’s authentic to you. Similar to personal style, a capsule wardrobe may vary from person to person. 

Is this all that my closet needs to be?

That’s a matter of personal opinion and lifestyle. For some, a capsule will be the extent of their closet; for others, it will be become the foundation. Having a strong foundation is essential for ease of styling and where you choose to take it from there is completely up to you. If you’re minimalist, then perhaps this will be what you maintain. If you love playing with trends, then perhaps you will choose to accent these thoughtfully curated pieces with trendy items that may not have the longevity that your capsule will.

How do trends fit within a capsule collection?

Do we have fun with trends within our capsule? Absolutely. But do they consume our closet and create anxiety for the items we already own and adore – absolutely not. Let’s appreciate the trends without becoming one. Allow the trendier moments to become the accents to your curated capsule. Use the trends to accent your personal style and avoid becoming one. 

Benefits to a capsule wardrobe: 

More time, less frustration and fatigue. 

There is nothing worse than going to a closet that is full and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Ensuring you have carefully selected the basics of your wardrobe will help alleviate that dreaded moment from happening again. We all have uninspired mornings but having the established foundation that you can easily pull from will leave you feeling confident and poised no matter how uninspired you may feel. 

Save Money

Who doesn’t want to save more money. A capsule wardrobe comprised of timeless pieces that you will wear for years to come will always pay off. Invest in key pieces and feel at ease knowing that you might find yourself shopping less while enjoying getting dressed even more. You will have a collection of items that you will feel confident and energized by. Effortless execution each time, yes please. 

Remember, only invest in clothing that is in alignment with who you are and the lifestyle you live. You may find yourself more drawn to one particular style or another but don’t let it dictate your entire wardrobe. Be inspired by an aesthetic while remaining true to you.

Helps to Establish Your Personal Style

Consciously identifying the pieces that are the foundation to your everyday lifestyle will become the basis of your personal style. You will feel secure knowing that you’re wearing clothing that you truly love and that help accentuate your authentic vibe. Who wouldn’t want that?

How do I Curate my own Capsule Collection?

I know you wouldn’t proceed to Part III of establishing your Personal Style without consciously committing yourself to parts I & II. If you need to revisit, please do (Part I & Part II). There are many elements that come into play when establishing what a capsule wardrobe will look like for you and becoming clear about your self-talk and taking inventory of your current closet are absolutely necessary. 

No one can tell you what basic items you must have in your wardrobe because your wardrobe needs to be based on your lifestyle needs and what you like to wear. Once you have started the process of managing your self-talk and completed a thorough closet cleanse, you will then have a more clear idea of the person who are, the pieces in your current wardrobe, and maybe even perhaps what might be missing. 


  • What is my day to day lifestyle? 
  • What items do I naturally gravitate toward in my current wardrobe and why do I continually reach for them? 
  • What do I feel is missing from my current wardrobe? Is it the clothing that is missing or is it a generated feeling of necessity because of what I am told I should need?
  • What do I want my wardrobe to say about me? 

Our goal is to develop a solid foundation within your wardrobe comprised of essential items that will become timeless pieces. Your personal style will bring personality to your capsule collection through color choices, textures, patterns, and design. 

WIth your closet inventory in mind, look through developed checklist below to help you to determine what’s next for your beloved capsule wardrobe. Some items suggested may not be applicable to your personal lifestyle and that’s ok! Allow this checklist to serve as the inspiration for your curated collection. 

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Once you have gone through your checklist and have a clear idea of what you have and what you consciously need, you’re ready to shop! 

Shopping with a clear intention of what you desire will always lend itself to a more enjoyable experience. Some critical factors to keep in mind when shopping for your wardrobe are: 

  • Do not buy something just because it’s on sale. 
  • Try on multiple sizes and purchase the item that fits best for the body you have now. Properly fitting clothing is the most flattering clothing on every body type. 
  • Anything can be tailored. Patterns, colours, or prints do not manipulate your body shape, but ill fitting clothing does. Find a skilled tailor close to you and become their friend. 
  • Have a clear budget in mind. Invest in capsule pieces while spending less on trendier ones. 
  • Never purchase something just because of the label. Purchase pieces because they will accentuate your vibe not because you think the label will help solidify your vibe.
  • Try things on! Experiment! Look for inspiration and play until you figure out which clothes vibe most with you. 
  • If you’re shopping with a friend, remember they could be the kindest soul on the planet but have a personal style that is very different from your own. Remain true to you no matter who your shopping buddy is. 

Through thoughtful consideration, you will absolutely be able to curate a closet that could have you in a boardroom or off to brunch with ease and confidence. 

Remain committed to your sense of self and always have fun. Your self-worth and confidence are the only items you need to be fully committed to in your closet. Allow the clothes to be just that, clothes. You are the magic, friend. Clothing is simply used as a tool to express a moment in time. Remain detached to the clothes and committed to the energy that fills them. You’re worthy of it. You are beloved. 

It’s all Energy. 

Published: February 17, 2023

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