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It’s the epitome of modesty and refinement; Quiet Luxury is the unexpected trend of 2023 and is here to stay. Simply put, this trend is expressed through dressing in expensive materials in muted tones. Think elevated basics.

We are looking for fabrics, colors and textures in clothing that offer a timeless approach to dressing. It’s taking a less is more approach and wearing pieces that will stand the test of time. Trade-in loud labels and big logos for quality basics in neutral, often monochromatic colours. 

The key is to allow each piece to complement the other, creating a wealth of style options. It feels effortless and classic without the need for flashy prints or labels. Most of all, it allows you to be the focal point. The style feels almost ignorant that any trend exists because it’s so much more than clothes; it’s a mood. 

Quiet luxury doesn’t mean you must revamp your style to portray a particular lifestyle. It also doesn’t mean you must break the bank to achieve the vibe. As with all pieces of your wardrobe, only you can decide which elements will become investment pieces for you. Consciously spend on items that will see you through each season. Spend more when you wear more. Invest where you know there will be longevity and less where you know its lifespan in your closet could be short-lived. 

Quality doesn’t always mean expensive. Now more than ever, people are reevaluating their relationships with everything, down to consumption habits. Purchase what you genuinely need for your wardrobe and not what someone has told you is required. 

When adding trending pieces to your wardrobe, always begin with shopping your closet. For quiet luxury, we are looking for clean cuts in muted tones to establish your foundation, then decide what you need, if anything, from there. 

The vibe should not feel overly done but instead well thought out. Let’s explore achieving the stealth wealth trend without breaking the bank. Below is a summary of a few Spring/Summer ’23 Quiet Luxury essentials Beloved by Ky at varying price points. Remember, you choose the colour, so click on the image or description to be re-directed to the supplier. No links are affiliated. May these items serve to inspire you.


Not only is a neutral blazer essential for the quiet luxury trend, but it’s also a timeless piece for any capsule collection. The blazer can be worn year-round seamlessly with anything from loungewear to cocktail attire. If you haven’t already, consider adding a cinch waist blazer to your collection; but rest assured, there is no anticipation of it replacing our love of oversized blazers.


We have seen a rise in the demand for a well-tailored vest this season. Its modern yet sophisticated style makes it understandable why. Depending on how styled, the vest can have you feeling ready for brunch, the boardroom, or a ballroom.

Cardigan / Sweater

Whether worn tied over your shoulders (under one and over the other for a more modern feel) or on its own, a neutral sweater or cardigan is a necessary element to this vibe.

Tailored Bottoms

Depending on your style, a well-tailored bottom is quintessential to the quiet luxury trend and another notable capsule piece. Well-tailored trousers or shorts carry a wealth of versatility, pairing back to your favourite tee and sleek runners as seamlessly as a blazer with a sling-back heel. Don’t hesitate to size up any bottom with a pleated front and have your tailor take in the waist to ensure the most impeccable fit.


With an everlasting closet appeal, the button-up is a must-have for the quiet luxury aesthetic. Worn with any bottom in your closet and paired back to a runner or heel, this classic shirt might be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. It can also act as a light layer to wear over a dress, romper, or white tee – the list goes on and so do the shopping options. Search even more here.


A clean skirt is an easy swap for any bottom and, depending on how styled, can feel casual and chic or elevated and elegant.


A dress can be one of the most effortless ways of dressing while ensuring comfort, sophistication, and versatility. Pair it back to whichever jacket and shoe is best suited for the day’s events, and you will walk out the door feeling styled, polished, and YOU.

Classic Tee

The perfect white tee. If your wardrobe doesn’t have one, let’s find you one as soon as possible. It pairs with your loungewear as beautifully as your suit or jeans. It keeps any style comfortable and effortless, maintaining simplicity and ease of dressing for you. We love that.


No matter the price tag, footwear for this aesthetic is pared-down, feels well-made and is expensive looking. The shoe is timeless and will likely hold real estate in your closet for years to come.

Trench Coat

You will feel perfectly poised no matter what you have layered underneath this timeless piece. The trench coat keeps you covered, styled, and chic, from the coziest loungewear set to your little black dress. 


The accessories are clean and minimal, with a timeless feel. They serve a purpose and hold appeal.

Imagine layering silks or pairing a cashmere sweater with your skirt back to a sleek white runner and trench jacket. Think high-low; wear the investment blazer with your jeans, a white tee, and a mule. Withstanding the test of time, Quiet Luxury is incredibly versatile and classic in its approach.

Creating a closet of inspiration, purpose, and excitement is the goal. Redefine what luxury means to you and remember it’s not just something afforded to a few people. Decide your vibe and let it speak louder than your perfectly curated outfit.

It’s all energy.

Posted: June 20, 2023

Kylee Jacobsen-Nadji
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