It’s said that red is the soon-to-be-everywhere shade of 2023.

New York Fashion week set the tone and left me loving the bold color more than I realized possible. The vibe is rich in color and feels elegant, timeless, strong and sexy while being effortless and chic.

Wearing a bright color like the beloved chili pepper red doesn’t have to be intimidating. Begin with your comfort level and work your way into incorporating more if the heart leans that way. I opted for a satin skirt as it is a capsule essential that I know brings a wealth of versatility. The red is an unexpected shade for my capsule bringing some excitement that is feeling fresh and still me. I’m treating it the same as I do my black satin midi and having a little extra fun along the way. Don’t feel limited by it’s boldness, be inspired – there are so many colors that pair back beautifully this beloved red.

Absolutely wear this {and any color} monochromatically; but how stunning when styled with hot pink, white, stripes, or even leopard. I’m also dreaming of how luxurious it will feel when paired back to maroon, brown, grey, or neutral beige; and of course, black – as though that was even up for debate.

No need to wait until the fall to sprinkle shades of red into your wardrobe. Start incorporating the color into your collection now and watch it seamlessly transition through to fall. Let’s get inspired and do some shopping!


Wearing it monochromatically was the tone but you decide what works for you. Head to toe, a statement jacket, suited, or accent through a lip, shoe or accessory. There will never be one way to style any trend – your vibe will always set the tone.


*All images and credits have been linked for your ease of shopping. No affiliate links, just mad love and appreciation.


A classic suit, monochromatic, and in the power color red. Whether styled back to a heel, runner, sandal, or boot, you’re making a statement in the most sophisticated way.


Stunning, simple, elegant and requires minimal thought or commitment. Grab your go-to spring/summer jacket along with whichever shoe will serve your day best and you’re dressed in less time than it took you to style your hair. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be you.


If monochromatic red isn’t where you vibe, a pop of color with your top is another great place to start. Choose a top that offers versatility best suited to your lifestyle and wardrobe. The options are endless.


The satin midi is a capsule essential that I will never go without and this color is gorgeous. If you’re feeling bolder, try a lace skirt with the undergarment of your choosing {what a vibe with a bike short underneath}. Whatever you choose, bring it back to you and your energy and it will always translate well styled. The track pant with a blazer, tee, and runner – anyone could wear this if they choose to.


Can we ever have too many jackets?! The power that a simple switch of a jacket has on the overall vibe of a style is incredible. Imagine the Adidas jacket with the satin midi and a runner; then, style the same skirt and runner with the trench and you have an entirely different look. Just play!!!


A bold shoe paired back to any look immediately adds interest and appeal. I can immediately imagine each shoe pictured here styled with anything from denim shorts, to a satin cami dress, or a suit. It could be the easiest way to dip your toe into a trend without feeling consumed by it. LOVE shoes.


“I could never wear red lipstick.” If you have ever thought this then I especially challenge you to try it. Even if it’s just at home in your sweat pants. That is exactly what I did. I admittedly have never loved to wear lipstick. I wore it only if it felt “necessary” for the occasion. That is until the pandemic hit and I had my second daughter. Life was purely contained to the walls of my home and as beautiful and loving as that was for me – I was missing something. Red lipstick was the beginning of so much for me, including the love of lipstick. The requirements: it has to be smudge proof, transfer proof, and hopefully not have to be reapplied often if at all throughout the day. The lipsticks selected here continue to be the reds I gravitate to most and for all of those reasons. There is something about a bold red lip that will make you second glance at yourself in the mirror. You feel powerful, put together, and chic. Try it and let me know which ones you love!

Above all, honour your soul and wear what you love.

It’s not complicated; it’s all energy.

P.S – Be sure to check out my instagram where you will see a few simple ways to style the red satin midi. I love when we inspire one another; please don’t forget to tag me (@kylee.jacobsen.nadji) when you’re seeing red!

Published: April 20, 2023

Kylee Jacobsen-Nadji
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