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Slip Dress Style

The slip dress is the only other item in my closet that is as beloved to me as loungewear.

You may not reach for it because you have yet to find the perfect one. It’s the most effortless way of dressing while ensuring comfort, sophistication, and versatility. If you feel intimidated by wearing a dress, stick with me, and we’ll find you the perfect slip dress that will skim your body so beautifully that you will wonder why you waited so long to indulge.

Once you realize how simple it is to get dressed and how comfortable you will feel in a slip-dress, you will never look back. A slip dress is one of the simplest, most versatile items for your capsule that can be worn independently for an effortless, sophisticated style with minimal thought. Style it for the season of weather and life. The only limitation is within one’s willingness to have some fun and play with their looks. 

When I’m feeling uncertain of what to wear, I undoubtedly grab the slip dress every time. Pair it back to whichever jacket and shoe is best suited for the day’s events, and you will walk out the door feeling styled, polished, and YOU. Deepening on how you style, the slip dress can feel sexy and sophisticated or understated and classically casual. 

It’s modern, intentional, timeless, approachable, confident, and comfortable. It’s you if you want it to be. 

Let’s shop! 

*These are not affiliate links just linked with love! Every item should re-direct you to the applicable retailer for your shopping pleasure. Enjoy!


Banana Republic


Free People

Oak + Fort






There is something so stunning about the perfect slip dress that skims the body so elegantly. Remember, the fabric, pattern, or colour of an item will not manipulate your body but ill-fitting clothing will. Buy the item that fits your body the best and remain detached from whatever size is on the label. When in doubt, always size up and get to know your local tailor. Look for inspiration and play until you figure out which clothes vibe most with you. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Decide your vibe and you’ll always feel gorgeous.

It’s all energy.

Published: May 5, 2023

Kylee Jacobsen-Nadji
Kylee Jacobsen-Nadji

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