We become inspired when we see another soul willing to listen to their heart’s whispers and follow their inner guidance even when it might not have made sense. We wonder what would happen if we followed our soul’s whispers. What has your heart been trying to tell you that you’ve ignored? 

Welcome to Soul Spotlight, a Beloved by Ky series where we get to know the incredible souls who have honoured their calling and are living in soul alignment. 

It would be well into my thirties before I understood that fashion is much more than the clothes we put on our bodies. Unless we are truly happy and connected with ourselves, the clothes will either feel not enough or pointless.

Until we master our minds, we will never master our closets. True personal style comes from looking at your reflection and closet with self-love, self-compassion, self-confidence, and peace. 

The inner work is never done, but it gets easier with time. And the same goes for getting dressed. The more you show up authentically in your closet, the easier it becomes to get dressed, and it’s from this space of self-love and acceptance that you develop your personal style. 

Unpacking our minds can often feel more daunting than unpacking after a vacation, but with the right tools and guidance, you will feel like a lighter & brighter version of yourself. My journey with energy work and healing began almost twenty years ago and has helped me process life in a grounding, therapeutic, and empowering way. There are many approaches to therapy, and my intention through sharing a glimpse of a practice Beloved by me is that you will be encouraged to find the healing practice and therapy that will become beloved by you. Do the work when life is good, and work becomes easier when life gets tough.

When we recognize ourselves in another doing the soul work, that dared to follow their soul’s whispers, that is just as human as we are, or that may have faced a similar trial, we become inspired to take a chance on ourselves. I am thrilled to introduce you to someone who is doing the work and helping others heal through their own.

My friends, please meet Lisa. 


Her eyes shine brighter than her smile; her most contagious laugh will leave you in tears. She’s a wickedly talented intuitive healer, akashic reader, teacher, and friend. She is a soul that dared to live in alignment while guiding others to listen to their own. I am honoured to introduce Lisa Rae as our first feature in the Beloved by Ky Soul Spotlight series. 

I first met Lisa during a moon circle she hosted almost two years ago. Not only was the circle magical, but so was she. Lisa immediately makes you feel like you’ve connected with an old friend. Although small in stature, her calming presence knows no limit. You will feel safe to laugh, cry, or smile; you will feel seen.

One of the most significant ways we can empower somebody else to step into more of who they are is for us to show up authentically in our own lives. Our shoulders relax a little when we wholeheartedly relate to another soul; we realize we aren’t alone, and we generate connections.

Inspired by Vogue’s 73 Questions, 56 Questions with Ky is a round of questions that will allow you to get to know Lisa better! Some questions are fun and easy, and some will inspire.

Let’s connect with Lisa in 56 Questions with Ky.


If you are new to energy healing, a home energy clearing might be the perfect place to start. Space clearing is the act of energetically cleansing your space. This can not only help to manifest blessings and peace in your life; but it can help shift the energy within your body. 

Everything is energy, including our thoughts, emotions, and actions, and they all leave an energetic imprint on the spaces you visit or the items that you touch or belong to you. This energetic imprint is especially important in your home because it has a direct impact on you and everyone who lives there. 

Energy clearing will help cleanse the energy of all the energetic imprints left in your home. Think about how amazing your home feels after a good spring cleaning. Now, imagine the energy clearing to create that feeling tenfold. An energy clearing can transmute, shift, and uplift the energy in your space and leave an imprint that will bring about positive changes in your life.  

I was thrilled to have Lisa in my home again to cleanse the energy in my den. Over the past year, this room has become where I focus on developing my business. Within minutes Lisa voiced the concern I had been holding in my heart and apparently the walls. She helped me to create an intention and a blessing for my den and everyone I will work with that I feel to my core every time I walk into the space. I encourage you to listen and see how it resonates because I don’t think it was a blessing only for me to hear.

“This Cleansing and Blessing is a way to remove the past energy that is no longer serving those who live in it, and offer it a new blessing. We will work together to create the intentions and blessings for your home, and together will cleanse any stagnant or negative energy from your home.” Lisa Rae.

If you’re curious to hear what your walls have to say, call Lisa. I know she will become as Beloved to you as she is to me. Learn more about Home Energy Clearing & Blessing at: https://www.lisaraefreeman.com/readingsandhealings.

A Beloved Conversation with Lisa Rae

Her laughter echoes through my front entry as we discuss the bright green BBQ lighter she has brought for the sage and palo santo she will light for the room clearing. You can immediately feel the energy shift in the room with her bright spirit that carries such calm amidst its laughter. She is effortlessly approachable and well put together in her jeans, black flowing tank top and sandals. She is pure joy, love, and light; I am so grateful she spoke with me about her incredible work.

Ky:  I told everyone in my home to be quiet when setting up. Then moments later, I heard this super loud music. I’m like, where is the music coming from; everybody knows we must be silent. But I think it was coming from your car!!

Lisa: {Laughter} I was the one that had the bass in my car. I had two little kids bumping to the bass in the car. I love it. I cruise whenever I need to think. 

Ky: Really?

Lisa: Yeah! When I can’t get still to drop in, I go for a drive and blast the music like the Cranberries. I can’t get still because I need to feel something needs to come up. So I go for a drive, listen to Wilson Phillips, and return feeling refreshed.

Ky: That’s incredible! Just go for a drive, people! So now, most people in Central Alberta know you as a prenatal yoga instructor. 

Lisa: It’s true. That was like 15 years. That’s a lot of mamas coming in.

Ky: That’s a lot of moms coming in. So, we know you are a prenatal instructor, you’re a mom, you’re a sister, you’re an incredible friend, but you are also a star seed activator, Akashic reader, an intuitive mentor, and a soul alchemist. What does all of that mean?

Lisa: Yeah, it means I help you unravel the layers and know your truth through understanding. We can go into the Akashic records, and you can have a reading or healing done because maybe you’re seeking clarity or guidance, but sometimes this ego part of us gets us too stuck up here (our heads). I help you get here (our hearts) through the readings, through helping you to awaken your psychic gifts or by allowing you to feel and express what you’re feeling. So often, I’ll have readings and healings, and somebody will come in, and they’ll like it because it’s a safe space. A safe space so you have that opportunity just to be held and heard and seen.

Ky: I love that. So how would you describe energy healing?

Lisa: So the best way I’ve ever heard it is we move through different events, maybe traumatic events, heavier moments, and these moments hold an energetic vibration. And if you think of yourself as this beautiful white light body and you have an argument with your partner at a restaurant, and you think, I’m not going to say anything, now is not the time, and you just kind of stuff it down, I’ll deal with that later. It’s like this black smudge that comes onto this beautiful white body. And so think about how often we don’t allow ourselves to work through, feel, and express things. So we’re maybe filled or have all this heavy black energy, lower vibration stuck to us. An energy healing/clearing releases that. It goes in, and it clears that energy.

Ky: Clearing the smudge. I love that. So simply put and it resonates. 

Lisa: Yes. 

Kylee: Often, there is a misconception or a misunderstanding of spirituality vs religion. So how do you explain the difference between energy healing and religion?

Lisa: There’s no box. There’s no labelling. So I was raised very religiously, and when I first started going into this work and the word God was presented to me, it would be like a bit of a sting. And so the beautiful thing is that when you really allow yourself to unfold, you recognize the presence that we’re all connecting to is the same thing. There’s no label on it. So if you can allow it, that’s the difference. There’s no label.

Ky: There’s no label; I love that. Furthermore, some may think that if you take part in some form of energy healing, you would be dishonouring the organized religion that you might come from, or maybe the opposite of that, and are feeling I’m not of a religious background – I’m curious about energy healing, but I don’t want to get involved in anything that’s like a cult.

Lisa: Totally, yeah! Neither do I!

Ky: Right?!  But it’s a huge misconception.

Lisa: Yeah, absolutely! I think you need to as you move through the process of your own spiritual awakening; the most profound thing that you can do for yourself is to learn who you are and learn the beliefs that you hold and then recognize when you’re working with another being/person to help you on the journey is like, how do they make you feel energetically speaking? Do you feel triggered all the time? Or do you feel open? Do you feel icky, or do you feel safe? That’s your energy body speaking to you, and from that space, you can use your discernment for what is of lower vibration. There is the route, unfortunately, that people get so caught up, but again when they get so caught up, that means that they’re starting to place themselves in that box, in that container. Does that make sense?

Ky: Yes, it does. I’ve always said I don’t think there’s any one path. It’s just finding the path that resonates most with you, honouring that, and not making anyone around you feel less than because they haven’t chosen the same way that you have.

Lisa: Right? Isn’t that why we came here? Come figure out who we are, what we believe, and what makes us feel good. Stay curious about it and yeah, see where it leads you. Then if you need to learn your lesson, dust yourself off.

Ky: Clear the soot!

Lisa: Clear the smudge. Maybe have somebody help you if you need, and carry on!

Ky: So how did you find yourself in this space? How did you transition from prenatal yoga to Soul Alchemist?

Lisa: I took a breath work and meditation course. And I was getting quiet a lot. And it’s funny because I was teaching yoga for so long, but the commitment of like it was…I think it was a twelve-week course, and you were asked to meditate three times a day and do breath work three times a day. I loved it so much that I found myself doing even more than that. And the more that I got into that space, I started hearing. From those little things, these little downloads, these little whispers that came in, it would lead me to find this person, take this course, get this reading done; all ways that literally that sometimes my fingers would just start typing. The Akashic reading, the fingers started going, and I had to Google what an Akashic reading was after I already purchased it! And I was like, oh, awesome. So yes, I got quiet. I finally allowed myself. But I was finally in this space of showing up for myself and allowing things to get quiet so that I could actually hear what was trying to come through.

Ky: Oh, that’s beautiful. But there’s a critical difference between what you were willing to do and what most people are. You were willing to trust the guidance that you were receiving. You were willing to blindly sign up for the course, not fully understanding what it is that you were signing up for. So where does that level of trust in the whispers come from?

Lisa: That comes from allowance. I was actually speaking about this to my group last night. We have to have a connection to Source. Everything evolves and is created in co-creation with Source. And so when you allow yourself, when I was allowing myself to get still, and I’ve got to be honest, my background and upbringing in my religion started that connection. It really, truly did. I could feel those shivers when certain songs played, those body-like heart-opening moments sitting in church. A spirit was speaking. And so, when I allowed myself to start getting quiet again, I remember saying to myself, I need to trust, or I need to leap or not do this at all, right? I kind of found myself at that T, and I just said, I’m going to trust.

Ky: I love that so much. I love the self-awareness.

Lisa: Right?!

Ky: You clearly pinpoint when you began to feel the shivers and the soul whispers. But that might come through to somebody else in another form. So getting to know yourself and trust yourself so that when you’re getting those top of your head tingles, you recognize them. I mean, they come through in other forms too. But learning to recognize those signals and then listening to them.

Lisa: Asking for signs if you’re moving through that thing of trust where they’re trying to create that relationship of trust. If you’re trying to develop that relationship of trust, ask for what you need to see to make the journey easier. 

Ky: And then believe it when you see it, Beautiful! Where is the best place for somebody to start who’s curious about energy healing but might be slightly intimidated?

Lisa: For somebody who is starting to get curious, I would ask them to get a meditation practice. I’ve heard people say you don’t need to meditate to tap in and connect, but why wouldn’t you want to? There’s such peace that can be found and this alchemy in your system that happens when you make that a practice. So I ask someone if they’re starting to get curious, first to get quiet so they can actually start to receive, understand, and actually hear when they are receiving {or feel or hear}. Listening to different podcasts to help you open up, follow that curiosity and open up your mind. Searching up an Akashic Records podcast and allowing yourself to listen to it, or you’d be like me, and you just sign up for an Akashic Records reading.

Ky: Just go for it!

Lisa: Go for it!

Ky: I come from the place of just going for it too. I love what meditation can bring to life, and I notice a difference in my days when I start with meditation; it doesn’t have to be long, but just that couple of minute check-in with myself to ground myself and become a bit more centred. I’m a much greater person to deal with throughout the day than when I don’t. 

I’ve spoken with many people who are curious about meditating but have this image in their mind that you’re cross-legged, and it’s peaceful, and your mind is still. But often, in my meditations, a billion things run through my mind; It’s the practice of becoming the observer of all those thoughts.

What’s your tip for someone learning to meditate?

Lisa: There are a few things that I’d say there. The first thing is to allow yourself to be the observer and in awareness outside of meditation. So starting to bring in little practices, like, when you’re steeping your tea, you’re watching the steam and breathing. People are busy. Meditation can be overwhelming. If somebody says, we need you to meditate 20 minutes a day, like, no, that’s not going to happen. So, like, I’m steeping my tea, I’m watching the steam come up, or we’re all going to make our coffee in the morning, and as I’m allowing myself to make it, stir it, sip it, I’m setting a couple of intentions, planting a couple of seeds in the heart. Allow yourself to be present when you’re at the playground, going for a walk, or at the grocery store. Listen, open your ears a little bit more. Listen to the sounds that you’re hearing. Look at what you’re seeing when you’re outside instead of just getting from A to B. Become aware of what you’re actually experiencing.

Ky: That’s good.

Lisa: That’s how I would invite someone to start, especially when life is overwhelming. 

Ky: When is life not overwhelming?

Lisa: That’s a great question, Kylee!

Ky: Are you always tuned in, or do you shut it off? Perhaps some feel slightly intimidated when they meet someone so soul-aligned and connected, like yourself, and become nervous. Like, she probably just read my mind. So what assurance can you give to people that you’re not walking around reading?

Lisa: First, integrity. Someone in this field of work must have permission to read their energy. Period. I’m reading people’s energy only if they’re asking me. Second, I have to close my channel. Intuitives need to close their channels and portals because if we don’t, then the energy around me and maybe somebody’s having a hard day, all of that kind of comes in and clogs up. There’s no better English than that. It clogs up my channel. So I must close down my channel because I am susceptible to energy. I’m very sensitive to what’s going on. So, I have to make sure I’m cleared and protected.

Ky: Ok! You do not read somebody else unless you have their permission. So if somebody sees you at the grocery store and wants to ask you a question?

Lisa: Oh, yeah, ask me, ask away! Ask me, I’m not going to read you. Oh, my goodness. Could you imagine?! The other interesting thing is that some people are afraid to get a reading done. I’ve heard this before because they don’t want me to see what’s going on. But the funny thing is it comes in and goes out.

Ky: So you don’t retain any information? 

Lisa:  No. It’s not meant for me to retain. I’m just meant to be a conduit. Bring it in, and it leaves. And it’s so funny because people will come into my workshops after having a reading or get a second reading, and say, ‘oh, you said that the first reading’ and ‘Remember what you said about my reading?’ I’m like, {shrugs shoulders} hmm…

Ky: “Was I right? How’d I do?”

Lisa: Totally!!!

Ky: That’s amazing. Now, most importantly, what are the ways that people can work with you?

Lisa: We can do Akashic readings and healings. During an Akashic reading, you go into the Akash where your soul’s blueprint is. So everything that your soul has experienced this lifetime, past lifetimes, and future possibilities, we can go in. So if you’re feeling disconnected or moving through something you need clarity on, you keep hitting up against the same blocks. Your records can help you understand that. We can also do healings in the records. So we can do an Akashic healing if you’ve been moving through something you’re just struggling with. And then, I do a lot of workshops, intuitive development, or home clearings.

Ky: And where can we find you on Socials?

Lisa: @Lisaraefreeman

Ky: On all of them? 

Lisa: Yeah! Keep it simple; why confuse people?!  www.lisaraefreeman.com 

Ky: It couldn’t be more simple; thank you.

Lisa: This was so fun; thanks for having me!

To learn more, connect with Lisa Rae at www.lisaraefreeman.com or on Instagram @lisaraefreeman and use the code BELOVED for 11% off your reading booked during July and August 2023.

One of the most significant ways we can empower somebody else to become more of who they are is for us to authentically show up in our lives with an open heart. Thank you, Lisa, for opening your heart and shining your light.

Let’s continue to remove the filters and get to know one another. Let’s learn from one another. Let’s inspire one another. 

Remember, you are never alone. 

You are Beloved. 

It’s all Energy.

Posted: July 3, 2023

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