Her smile is so heartfelt it makes her eyes tear. She genuinely appreciates her relationship with her clients; you will feel it when you’re with her. She is an ambitious entrepreneur, a caring mom, and a loyal friend. She is also an incredible artist. My brows are better for knowing her, and my heart is happy after each appointment I have with her. She is working to change the beauty industry while raising daughters to know they can change the world. 

Friends, please meet Olivia (Liv) O’Meara, founder of TINT Beauty Studio. 

I was so grateful to Liv when she agreed to be part of Beloved’s Soul Spotlight series and chat with me over a lamination session about all things work and life. Take a look below:

Ky: Technology has come so far; why can’t we improve the smell of these solutions?

Liv: Oh, I know!! I wish I could change it; the smell is awful. It’s a perm but on your eyebrow.  

Is that the best way to explain brow lamination?

Essentially, yes; only we are straightening not curling. And yes, she’s stinky. 

So worth it for that bold brow we love. But, it’s not for everyone. Where would you suggest the safe space is for those who don’t necessarily want a bold brow but would still like to have a beautiful face-framing arch?

Start with a shape and tint. 

We clean the shape and darken the hair. We can create an arch with that versus actually widening the brow with lamination. Lamination doesn’t have to be bold, but it can feel bold if you’re not used to having much of a pronounced brow.

You prefer to use wax when perfecting that arch – what is the difference between waxing and threading? Why?

Threading is partially a cultural thing and is hair by hair. Waxing is more western and it’s fast!

Both ways, you’re still getting to the root, so they should last the same amount of time?

Oh yes, for sure. 

Speaking of time, you have been devoted to brows for how long now?

On May 1st, 2021, I started my business, but I have been in this current space since Sept 2022. 

You offer fabulous brow services, but you are also an incredibly talented spray-tan artist. Why would someone want to have an artist spray them rather than stepping into a booth or applying at home?

The way that an artist will spray is individual and customizable. We customize the solution based on your skin tone more so than just the level of darkness you hope to achieve. So we consider your skin tone and type, meaning we can control the shade and the outcome of the color a lot easier. It’s more skin tone-based rather than depth-based. This means the chances of you getting the wrong colour are slim to none. 

We also offer a top-coat (essentially) that seals the colour and is designed to give you a 30-40% longer tan life. That comes out to about two full weeks of a spray tan. 

This is music to my ears. I’m not going to be orange and it’s going to last more than three days! 

Right?! And you don’t have to do anything! In and out 30mins!

Do you offer a monthly membership?

Yes, we sure do! {https://www.tintbeauty.ca}.

And could you add some sculpting in there?! I always say if you can’t tone it, tan it. 

Yes, tan it! We can add some ab lines shadowing under the booty – there are many techniques. 

Who wants to do a squat when we can just see you? 

Well probably still me, but I will spray and add to it! 

Fitness is an important aspect to your life isn’t it? 

I love it. It is a big decompressor for me. I read this quote that was essentially saying that the gym is probably the fairest place in the world. You just get what you give, you know? If you bust your butt, you will reap the rewards. And if you continue to use excuses, you will just not have those results. I apply that to any area of life or whatever I am doing. If you want something, then you need to work for it. 

You are so awesome, and my brows are looking so good. You have really developed a signature brow. 

Yeah, I do. I didn’t even realize I did until I had it; now people know. I am very proud of where I have come for my brow services. 

Be very proud. Ok, let’s talk make-up artistry. Unfortunately, you are no longer taking clients for makeup but I’m still curious – what are the top three products in your makeup bag right now?

  1. ELF brow lift gel (holy grail)
  2. Super GOOP Glow Screen
  3. Nest Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Oil

I never leave home without these on! 

Love those! Okay, my brows are really looking amazing. How long do you like your clients to wait in between their brow appointments?

For lamination, nothing closer than six weeks because we don’t want to damage the integrity of the hair – it is a chemical service. Shaping and tinting can be done every four weeks. 

I would love to see you every four weeks!


How do you feel about at-home lamination kits?

Just don’t. 

You know I tint my brows at home in between appointments, but laminating makes me very nervous. 

I think people are surprised by how much thought goes into it. I think the talent in the beauty industry is often overlooked because people think it’s easy. 

People like you make it look easy. The more talented you are, the easier it comes to you – the easier it looks to everyone else. 

It’s hard because I would like everyone to be able to have the services they would like to have. So I understand why people prefer to do things at home – it’s more economical. But I would rather be able to work something out with someone than have them mess up their own brow. 

So you could burn your eyebrow hairs if you didn’t know what you were doing?

Yes, they will turn into spaghetti and eventually fall out. 

Gasp – no!

Yes, it’s like over-bleaching your hair. You could over-process until you just have no eyebrows. So please leave lamination to the professionals. Tinting will stop processing after a certain amount of time, whereas laminating does not. You will see it break off and eventually fall out. 

No, thank you!

You know what’s even worse? At-home lash lifts. 

It goes back to what you were saying. People want to achieve a certain look but can’t justify the cost. So, instead of just having an appreciation for somebody’s craft, they try to do it themselves. We’ve all been there – trying to save money and do it at home and end up spending even more to have it fixed. 

100% we’ve all tried to do it. And people will say anyone can do it – which sure; but the outcome won’t likely be what you’re trying to achieve. 

I agree. It’s better to do things professionally if that’s feasible for your lifestyle. Let’s get to the root, especially when it comes to hair removal! 

Exactly, get to the root and start thinning it out. I actually have lots of girls that come in with their moms for waxing. We do legs, upper lips, and underarms. It’s just about making sure it’s done properly if you want to remove the hair, and if you don’t, that’s okay too.

Absolutely! Now, Congratulations are in order, TINT has expanded!! 

Yes, thank you! It’s been kind of a wild ride but in a good way. I knew it was possible, but it feels surreal. Miranda has joined the TINT team! I trained her using my techniques, which feels incredible, and she’s so lovely. You will really like her. She was so easy to train and loves the work, which makes a huge difference.

What services will she be providing?

She offers brow laminations, lash lifting and tinting, dermaplaning, and spray tans. So we are now open and available five days a week! It’s been really cool to see my business grow. It just feels so wild because just two years ago I started my business in my house, so I’m feeling really good about it. 

The expansion is so exciting and speaks to you as an entrepreneur. Where would you say you have taken the biggest leap since starting your business?

When just starting out. I had worked for the same company for twelve years. So, to leave that and the comfort of it was huge. Next would be to leave my house and expand into a commercial space, taking on the overhead. I am slowly proving to myself that it’s all working out. Trust the timing and trust the guidance, and everything seems to be working out. 

You have to be willing.

Yes, you have to be willing and allow it to do the thing. Don’t be resistant to it; yes it can feel really uncomfortable, but in a good way. It’s good to be uncomfortable because that’s how you grow. I feel really good, and there are more dreams in the making. 

Is that a teaser?!


You have so many women who come to see you. I imagine you feel part therapist sometimes. What advice do you have for someone hesitant to follow their dream?

Go for it! What’s the worst that could happen? You fail? Oh well. That’s OK, you can come back from that. The risk of failing far outweighs the what-ifs. I could look back and think, what if I hadn’t left my job? Then, I would still be working for someone else doing a job that I’m not passionate about. Instead, I’m here doing something I love, building a business that I love with clients that I love! So, I would say try it. Write it down, figure it out, and give it a try. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen. Be willing, be open, and it will flow to you. It just will. The universe isn’t against you. She wants you to succeed. 

YES! Love that. But that’s a huge mental shift for a lot of people to make.  

It’s huge. It was even huge for me to make. If you had asked when I was in my early twenties where I would be, this is not the life I would have told you I would be living. So you really have to let it ride.  

Life changing. Speaking of life-changing, of all of the services you provide, which one do you see makes the most significant immediate impact? Meaning your client looks in the mirror, and you can see an immediate shift in confidence or self-perception. 

A lot of times, it’s brows, but first try, spray tans, which is cool. I have a variety of clients, so it’s cool to watch them be kind of nervous, then they slowly loosen up during the tan, and then they see themselves and walk out a different person because they’re just so confident. Then you get messages like, “Oh my gosh, I wore my dress this weekend and felt so confident because I wasn’t worried about my skin.” It’s so much more than vanity. 

It’s more than beauty. But what does it mean for you?

It’s being able to show up comfortably how you want the world to see you and having the confidence, however you get it – hair, tan, brows, that brings you one step closer to presenting yourself in a way you feel confident. 

It’s a form of self-love. 

Yes! Take care of yourself.  Some people will say it’s vanity, but do you feel better? Do you carry yourself better? Are you more willing to do the things you might be nervous about? It’s all about loving yourself, accepting yourself, and seeing yourself the way most people already see you, but you have a shield lifted. Do something that will help you feel better about that aspect that might bother you.

I completely agree. It’s very similar to clothes. It comes down to not being afraid to express yourself in a way that feels true to you. If you like the dress, wear the dress! If you feel better with a tan, get the spray tan!

Yes!!! Get the spray tan, get the brows!  I’ve seen a lot lately about being a woman’s woman. Like, I want to do all the things and support all the things – it’s cool to watch women do what they want to do. 

Absolutely, and uplift others along the way. 

Yes – uplift other women in a way that we can all feel safe. 

I love that so much – in a way that we can all feel safe. A shift is happening where there is much less competition and more community. 

Way more community. Even comparing five years ago to now.

It makes me excited for our daughters. 

Right? They’ll be ok, and they’ll change the world. 

They already are. 

Absolutely, they already have. 

You have three children of your own. Do you find that you’re always trying to achieve some sort of work-life balance, or do you go with the ebbs and flows of where you’re needed more?

Oh, ebbs and flows. I don’t know that there is true balance, you know? It’s hard because sometimes my kids need me more, and then sometimes my business needs my focus. My kids will always come first, but they also know that my business is important to me. Which is okay, and it’s important for them to know it’s okay to love your job and work for the things that you want. 

Absolutely, and you’re also showing them the importance of passion and following your heart’s desires. Through you fulfilling your dream and doing what you love, you are teaching them way more than if you weren’t true to yourself. 

For sure. If I were doing something I didn’t love, they would know because it comes out, but it comes out in other ways. 

You’re a good mom. 

I’m doing the best I know how. 

We all are. And that’s what we all need to remember – especially moms because sadly, moms can often be very quick to judge or compare to what another is doing, and it’s not healthy. 

Yes! It’s not a competition. We are all just trying to raise the next generation the best way we know how, and it’s okay if you need to check yourself every so often. 

Totally. {checking on my eyebrows} My goodness, you are such an artist. You are framing one of the most important physical attributes: the eyes!

In my humble opinion, eyebrows can make or break it. How you present yourself to the world is more important than most realize. Not that you have to look a certain way, but if you feel good – people will be drawn to you. 

Without a doubt, it’s all energy.

Yes!! It’s all energy. I have never felt more like myself. Just coming into everything and deciding what I think about myself is more important than anybody or anything. It took me 30 years!

And that’s okay; it could take some 60 years, and that’s okay too. May we all realize how important the relationship with self is and may we have the courage to nurture it.  

It looks like we are done! 

You’re all set! 

You’re so fast with eyebrows!

Yeah, it doesn’t take too long.

And again, to those who don’t love a bold brow..

Well, they need to come for a shape and tint! They will adjust to it after a couple of days and likely never look back. 

I will never go back. You have my brows forever, Liv.

Learn more about TINT services online at https://www.tintbeauty.ca and follow Liv on Instagram @tint.beautystudio and @life.bylivv. If you didn’t already adore her, for December 2023, when you mention BELOVED to Liv during your appointment, you will receive 10% off your services. Thank you, Liv!

As Liv says, it’s so much more than vanity. Take care of yourself and be willing to see yourself how most people see you. Do the things that make you feel like the best version of yourself. Whatever you choose, honour who you are and express it authentically in a way that feels most true to you. No one likes you for your eyebrows, but why not have a brow that frames your eyes – it might change how you look in the mirror. 

Whatever you do, please do it for you. 

It’s all energy. 

Posted: December 6, 2023

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