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Styling a Classic: The White Button-Up

Button-up or Button-down? 

Most classically known, the button-up shirt is one that buttons all the way up the front of the body. Whereas, a button-down shirt will have buttons on the collar that will button-down. Whether button-up or button-down, oxford, poplin, or relaxed linen, this white shirt is a foundational piece in your wardrobe that will make a chic impact to any style with minimal effort. Absolutely a must have for any closet. 

Let’s take a look at five smart yet simple ways of styling this essential piece.

Style #1: Suited

Classic and tailored. Try keeping the style less fitted for an effortless yet sophisticated feel. Menswear inspired; but, when worn with your confidence, that’s what makes you ready for any boardroom or office. 

Style #2: Classically Casual

A stylish update to your essential white shirt can be achieved by intentionally buttoning asymmetrically.  This unexpected twist will leave some minds spinning but I love how the simple switch effortlessly modernizes this classic style. It also permits an easier one sided tuck with an off the shoulder drape that is absolutely gorgeous – and stays put!  We’ve styled here with loose fitting jeans and topped with a faux leather blazer. Grab a statement shoe or your fav boot and you’re ready for brunch or a night out.  

Style #3: Skirted

By now, most of us have at least one midi skirt in our closet. Grab it along with your fav shaft boot. This style is incredibly adaptable and adored. Depending on your choice of shoe and jacket you could be ready for any time of day. The versatility is endless with a quick change!

Style #4: Upscale Casual

Unedited and sophisticated is the style when you pair the classic white shirt with you fav faux leather pants or patent leggings. Here we’ve styled with our fav motto jacket but an oversized blazer would be just as fresh. Paired with a chunky loafer for an effortless vibe;  it’s comfortable, practical and perfect for any day of the week.

Style #5: Loungewear Chic

We all know the feeling of immediately wanting to put on something more comfortable when we walk through the door; but when you pair your white button-up with sweats – there’s no need.  It’s the ultimate loungewear chic vibe; this style is absolutely one of my favs. 

Feeling inspired? OK, Let’s shop…

Zara: Poplin Shirt

Credit: Zara Poplin Shirt

Aritzia: Wilfred Free Relaxed Shirt

Credit: Aritzia Wilfred Free Relaxed Shirt

H&M Cotton Poplin Shirt

Credit: H&M Cotton Poplin Shirt

Banana Republic: The Oversized Shirt

Credit: Banana Republic The Oversized Shirt

Free People: Summer Daydream Button-down

Free People: Summer Daydream Button-down

Nordstrom: A.L.C. Monica Cotton Poplin Button-Up Shirt

Nordstrom: A.L.C. Monica Cotton Poplin Button-Up Shirt

The Frankie Shop: Mayim Oversized Shirt – White

The Frankie Shop: Mayim Oversized Shirt – White

Button-up or button-down, dress from your heart and express from your soul. May you always feel safe enough to be yourself. May you love yourself exactly the way you are. You are already enough; I see you. 

It’s all energy.

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Published: January 27, 2023

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