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Wide Leg Trousers: The statement that’s here to stay

Let’s show some gratitude for the more relaxed, comfortable, flattering pants that have continued to make their mark over the past few seasons; the wide leg pant. Whether you’re wearing a tailored suit trouser, leather pants, denim or cargo; high waisted or hitting the hips; just remember the roomier the better. If you’re not ready to parachute, don’t sweat it. If you’re married to your skinnies, do you. But please keep an open mind to the loose-fitting trouser pant that is elongating, comfortable, chic, and incredibly versatile. 

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to dip your toes in to the idea of a looser fitting pant. Let’s explore styling a wide leg trouser that hits waist and leaves some room to wiggle. It feels edgy, chic, effortless, and speaks a cool confidence in language we all understand – comfort.

1.Suited. The obvious styling option is to keep it suited. We love a monochromatic moment, but don’t be afraid to add some interest with your top or even switch out the matching suit jacket for something with a little more allure. Houndstooth is a neutral in my closet. Its classic pattern adds a timeless elegance to any style. 

2. Timeless Comfort: Workplace appropriate yet ready for anything. Always pair your most loved knit sweater with your trouser, a loafer, and blazer (or your jacket of intentional choice) and I promise you’ll feel well poised and put together. A chunky cardigan with your fav loafer also keeps the style current and effortless. If it’s a longer cardigan, tuck the front into your bra or the waist of the pant whichever feels right for you. Who said we need to sacrifice comfort for style?!

3. Carefree & Cozy: Let’s keep the vibe chill and style the trouser for complete comfort. Grab your fav sweatshirt or hoodie, runner, and jacket or blazer. You’re confidently casual. Understanding my love for loungewear, you know this look a fav for me.

4. Consciously Casual: Next to loungewear, you know I will always find a way to style my Docs with whatever item graces my closet and I will always urge you to do the same. Keep the style simple and accessible. Grab your most beloved white tee or tank, your docs or runner, and staple motto jacket. Done. It’s really that simple. 

5. Dressed to Express: Finally, let’s dress them up. I love a good sparkle and not just during the holiday season. This hit of sequin with a simple heel is elegant, current, and comfortable. The winter weather is perfect for styling so many looks with a faux fur coat. Warm and luxurious, yes please!

BONUS: For the love of boots. If you’re feeling a little more bold, try tucking your fav wide leg trouser into your boot. This won’t be everyone’s vibe; but, it’s edgy, fun and when worn with your own vibe and confidence – it’s perfect. Runways saw strappy sandals tied around the bottom of the pant – I’ll show you more of this again come spring.

Now for the real fun, let’s shop. 

Aritzia: Wilfred The Effortless Pant

Credit: Aritzia Wilfred The Effortless Pant

Zara: Wide Leg Pants with Darts

Credit: Zara Wilde Leg Pants with Darts

Zara: Pants with Side Vents

Credit: Zara Pants with Side Vents

Banana Republic: Mare Wide-Leg Pant

Credit: Banana Republic Mare Wide-Leg Pant

Abercrombie & Fitch: Sloane Tailored Pant

Credit: Abercrombie & Fitch Sloane Tailored Pant

Reformation: Mason Pant Es

Credit: Reformation Mason Pant Es

Aritzia: Babaton Pleated Pant

Credit: Aritzia Babaton Pleated Pant

The Frankie Shop: Besste Wide Pants – Black

Credit: The Frankie Shop Besste Wide Pants – Black

Remember, it doesn’t matter where you shop when you dress from your heart. Be unexpected and inspiring. Feel good and express yourself. I promise you are enough exactly the way you are. 

It’s all energy.

Published: January 20, 2023

Kylee Jacobsen-Nadji
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